How I eventually grew to love Mrs Brown...despite the dodgy prop gags

There have been big Irish TV success stories over the last year. Love/Hate, the launch of a new channel, UTV, and the wonderful series that is The Great Irish Bake Off (ahem).

But without a doubt the biggest success story of last year, and the previous few years, is the success of Brendan O'Carroll's Mrs Brown's Boys.

BAFTA winner, IFTA winner, the most watched television show on Christmas Day in two countries.

Now O'Carroll has been commissioned to write Christmas specials until 2020. This is unheard of.

The most a show would get is three years, five at a push. Six is incredible.

I watched the show over Christmas and I have to say, it has grown on me. I am so fond of the characters. I love the way O'Carroll plays with his co-stars, occasionally catching them off guard, throwing in lines that are off script.


Everyone goes along with it and the cast get to enjoy the shenanigans.

There was a boldness to this year's Christmas episode. Perhaps a little too bold. The fact that this is family entertainment, yet there was a vibrating prop used as a mixer, left adults at home feeling a little uncomfortable.

That aside, it was the usual Dublin wit and mammyish charm.

Brendan O'Carroll and his loyal team deserve their success.

Also, O'Carroll is a decent man. I heard a story recently about some charity work he does, secretly. I won't give details but he goes out of his way to help those who need a little extra assistance at Christmas. He does all this with grace and dignity.

Here's to many more years of Mrs. Brown - not the most intellectually challenging television there is but probably the most popular Irish television ever.