How could you leave such Klass?

MEN are great at secrets. They just have it. One day they could come up to you and say "I'm off. I haven't loved you in a long time, and I actually have a life outside this one."

So when I read that Myleene Klass's husband of six months, but partner of 11 years, Graham Quinn had been planning to leave her for weeks, and had in fact bought an apartment in the process, I thought -- no surprise there.

What seems ludicrous is the fact that someone would leave this absolutely stunning girl in the first place. Myleene Klass is class. She is beautiful, smart and has two gorgeous children. She is the face of Marks & Spencer and has an extremely successful career.

It's bizarre how any man could leave a woman as super duper beautiful as Myleene Klass.

Isn't it interesting, though, the fact that they were together for 11 years and then six months after they tied the knot, it's over. I have heard that happening before. It's as if something is triggered in one of the couple -- a couple that has been ticking along for a long time, And then once they make that big leap (that might at the time seem a small leap) it ends for one of them.

We know nothing of other people's relationships. It's crappy for Myleene and the kids, and no wonder she is devastated: 11 years, two kids, a beautiful wife ... There's nowt as queer as folk!