Housewife Virginia storms out of restaurant after spat with Danielle

Jane Last

SOCIALITE Virginia Macari will storm out of dinner tonight after she accuses Dublin Housewives co-star Danielle Meagher of calling her a 'knacker'.

The fur flies after days of mounting tension between the pair.

Tonight's instalment will see Jo Jordan tell Virginia that Dr Botox Danielle likened them to 'knackers' when they were out socialising in a Dublin club, which was seen in last night's episode.

The TV3 series, which also stars Lisa Murphy and Roz Flanagan, sees the five women have dinner in a Cork restaurant following a charity event which Lisa has hosted in the city.

Events take a turn for the worst when Danielle seemingly has a pop at Roz, saying she can't understand her hectic schedule as she doesn't work. Roz assures her she does.

Virginia takes this as an insult on Roz, and then questions Danielle why she referred to her as a "knacker" as Jo claimed.

Danielle replies: "I wouldn't use that term as it's politically incorrect."

Eventually, the two women roar at each other to shut up before Virginia storms out of the restaurant.

Incidentally, both women appeared on TV3's Midweek programme with Colette Fitzpatrick last night -- and continued to take swipes at each other.

Later on in Dublin Housewives tonight, Jo tells the cameras that Danielle "indirectly called me a liar". The start of tonight's instalment will see Danielle question Jo about how much she had to drink and whether Virginia was a "bad influence" on her.