Horse stunt in days before 3 shootings

A SECOND victim of the triple shooting in Dublin at the weekend is now in a critical condition.

It also emerged that one of the wounded tried to ride a horse into a suburban pub days before the attack.

"It was a prank but it gives you an idea of the mentality of the three boys to the general public," said a source.

One of the Gleeson brothers shot in the RIRA attack has a bullet lodged near his heart and his condition has worsened.

David Morgan (21) and cousins Gary and Christopher Gleeson, both 26, were shot by the RIRA in revenge for a carbomb attack.

The shootings took place days after a device was placed under a car, in the wrong location, in Blanchardstown. It was intended to target a RIRA man, but was put under the wrong car.

The trio were shot despite the fact there was no evidence they were involved in the incident.

A heavy garda presence has been stationed at two Dublin hospitals where the victims of Sunday's shootings are being treated. No arrests have been made so far.

A source told the Herald: "The RIRA believed they were responsible. The lads were known locally for yobbish behaviour and the dissidents knew that few people would complain, and they could paint themselves as vigilantes dealing with local thugs."

A senior Real IRA member is believed to have been the intended target of the car bomb but the device was mistakenly placed under the car of an innocent individual.

Victim Morgan was shot twice in the head in the shocking incident.

Doctors fear he may suffer from permanent brain damage. Christopher and Gary Gleeson are both in a serious condition in the Mater Hospital.