Homeless man left hospital hours before he died

The doorway on left at Cow's Lane in Temple Bar where the homeless person was found dead. Pic Steve Humphreys

By Robin Schiller

The homeless man who was found dead in Dublin city centre discharged himself from hospital just hours before he died.

Latvian national Vytautas Virzintas (54) was found dead in Cows Lane, Temple Bar, early yesterday morn- ing.

He was not present when a homeless charity group did their regular late night checks in the area shortly after midnight.

The Herald has learned that Mr Virzintas attended the emergency department of St James' Hospital on Thursday night, but left of his own accord before he was fully assessed.


"He was alert and orientated when he arrived at the hospital. He declined to remain for evaluation. He was not discharged by the hospital," a spokesman said.

Lord Mayor Christy Burke said he previously encountered Mr Virzintas with the Inner City Helping Homeless group.

"The group in charge of that area reported that the man who normally seeks shelter in that place as not being there at 1am," he said.

Mr Virzintas is believed to have been in Ireland for the past nine years, and often visited the outreach centre on Merchants Quay.

Brother Kevin Crowley, who runs the Capuchin food centre, often encountered him over the years.

"He was a very quiet man. He'd come in, get his dinner and maybe fall asleep so we would have to wake him up, but he was a harmless man," Br Kevin said.