Holly to show Cian what he's missing in a sizzling bikini calendar shoot

Holly Carpenter doesn't see herself living in London long term.

Former Miss Ireland Holly Carpenter is going to show rugby hero Cian Healy what he's missing, when she appears in a sexy bikini calender this December the Diary can reveal.

The top model will be jetting off to sun-soaked Tenerife to shoot the calender which also features some other Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model contestants, America's Next Top Model contenders and some lookers off The Face.

A source told the Diary that Holly has been stepping up her fitness regime ahead of the shoot.

"She's training loads so that she'll be her best for the shoot," an insider said.

"She's a big fan of TRX and finds it really helps her tone up."

Meanwhile, Holly (23) has recently revealed that she could never be friends with her ex, Cian, after their split in July.

"I think if you have ever loved someone or have been in that type of relationship, personally I don't think you can be friends afterwards," she admitted.


"It is hard to go from something to just being friends but it is nice that we can still be happy and I can still see his friends and chat to them and they don't have to dodge me.

"I know if he walked in here now, I would be able to have the chats and say, 'Hey,' and that is something I would always want," she added.

However, Holly - who is signed to the books of Assets model agency - revealed that she does miss all the wives and girlfriends of the other Irish rugby players as they spent so much time together.

"We were all in a WhatsApp group together and we would always be like: 'What are you wearing?' or 'Where are you going after the match?' and it was nice.

"The season was starting up again and I was getting all the notifications, so I felt I had to leave the group.

"On one hand you miss that side of it and seeing the girls - but on the other hand my weekends are now free," she added.


Holly has admitted that she's loving being single and that lads are chatting her up on nights out.

"There have been a few yeah, but it's kind of funny. I think you are almost more attractive to guys when you're not interested.

"The last time I was single I was 19 - so it's like I'm learning again," she added.

The last few months have certainly been a time of flux for Holly, who has not only split from Cian who was her boyfriend of four years but she has also changed modelling agencies - moving from the Andrea Roche Modelling Agency to Assets.

"It's been a great move career-wise, I'm really happy," Holly said.