Holly: 'a bit sad, but she grew on me as the week went on'

Michael O'Doherty

IT'S hard to like someone who, when asked what she does for a living, replies "I'm Rory's ex."

Firstly, there's a presumption that we would know who "Rory" is, and let's be honest, if we knew that we would already know who Holly was.

More importantly, to define yourself by your previous relationship is a sign of insecurity at best, and desperation at worst.

But do you know what? I grew to like Holly as the week went on.

She's a bit quiet for my tastes, but uses this as a way of observing people's behaviour, and she is certainly a cut above the traditional jilted ex-girlfriend that people may think her to be.

She's sweet, and quite a good cook, meaning that she'll make some man very happy one day.

It just probably won't be Rory...