he's SO brilliant... he's EVEN better than me sometimes Ruth Ni Loinsigh and Jonathan Mitchell have two daughters (Rosie, 7, and Willow, 5). They live in Dublin 11 and while Jonathan works as a contemporary dancer and photographer, Ruth runs her boutique, Om Diva and The Sip and Stitch Sewing Academy. She believes an equal partnership at home is what has allowed her to make a success of her business. "I am the owner of Om Diva, a boutique in Dublin 2's Creative Quarter. I source and sell contemporary women's fashion, jewellery and accessories, as well as vintage clothing and accessories from 1950 to 1980. I also run Atelier 27, which is a collective of emerging talented Irish designers and The Sip and Stitch Academy and offers fashion-based classes to the public – taught by our highly qualified designers.

Arlene Harris

"Mitch (Jonathan) and I try to share all the housework equally, although I suspect he does the lion's share. He gets the kids ready in the morning, gives them breakfast, does their hair, oversees teeth-brushing and getting dressed.

"Then he gets all the breakfast paraphernalia cleaned away so there's no big mess when we get home in the evening time. I work three days during the week and most Saturdays, so when I'm not working we reverse this process.


"Mitch does most of the laundry and I do most of the floor-washing and dusting. And as we both love to cook, this is pretty much shared between us. I would never find myself redoing anything that he does, as he is really brilliant – in fact, I would say he is better than me sometimes. We always read and sing a couple of songs for the kids at bedtime on alternate nights unless Mitch is performing or I'm away working. We have a pretty regular routine going but we are also very flexible given the nature of our jobs.

"We both try to accommodate each other as much as possible, but it did take a couple of years to reach this stage with a lot of trial and error in the beginning.

"Things seemed to have balanced out now and although we are both very tired at the end of the day, our situation works because we have unlimited understanding, respect, flexibility and love for each other."