Here's one beauty you won't want to mess with

Lorna Nolan

A DUBLIN model proved she was more than a match for a would-be thief after she talked the culprit into returning her stolen bag.

Assets beauty Suzanne McCabe found herself caught up in some unexpected drama this weekend when she was the victim of a robbery.

The Herald can reveal how the blonde beauty had been enjoying a night on the tiles with pals when she noticed that her handbag had been stolen, complete with all of its contents, including her phone and wallet.

Suzanne (28) was quick to catch up with the culprit however, tracking them down to their Dublin home, where she demanded that her possessions be returned to her.

"As soon as Suzanne realised what had happened she immediately began ringing her own phone number off another friend's phone," said a pal.

"She didn't expect to get any answer, but amazingly the person in question accidentally answered the stolen phone in their sleep.

"Suzanne managed to use her persuasive powers to get them to agree to return the bag and went out to the house to collect it.

"It turned out that they had also removed her wallet from the bag so she had to go back to the house for a second time to retrieve it.

"It did put a dampener on her night out but she was delighted to have gotten all of her possessions back safe and sound," they added.

The stunning model has been keeping a low profile in recent times as she throws all her energy into getting her new online jewellery line off the ground.

Suzanne also recently rekindled her relationship with longterm beau Rob Buckley following a brief split last year, and the couple are now more loved up than ever.