Here's a Jeds-up: beware the sea

d The coastguard members who saved Jedward two weeks ago agreed to be interviewed by a newspaper at the weekend, on the basis that it was only to spread their message about water safety.

In a detailed interview, they revealed how they had received a call from Mrs Jedward to say her sons were in danger, how the twins were at risk of hypothermia as they were wearing unsuitable clothing, and also stressed one of the hidden dangers about seaside life to us landlubbers. "Things can change from one day to the next on the coast, with areas suddenly submerged by water."

So, for the sake of clarity, the vital water safety message goes something like this:

l Don't go walking in the sea in the pitch dark wearing casual clothes.

l If you get into trouble, phone the coastguard, not your mum.

l The tide goes out, but it also comes in.

Well, that was worth it...