Heartache for The Edge as beloved mum, who put him on road to U2 stardom, dies

Laura Butler

U2 star The Edge is mourning the death of his beloved mother.

The musician's artist mum passed away on Monday evening, after a short illness.

Originally from Wales, Gwenda, who was in her late 70s, had been living in the wealthy north Dublin suburb of Malahide with her husband of five decades, Garvin.

The Edge, whose real name is Dave Evans, was said to have been close with the primary school teacher.

A spokeswoman for the 50-year-old guitarist said the funeral would be private.

Speaking in 2008, proud Gwenda admitted music ran in the family.

"Both my husband and I are very musical, in that we both sing in the local choir. I used to sing to the children, so he had a good ear for music at a very young age.

"He started playing when he was 14 -- once Edge got the guitar in his hands, he wouldn't put the blooming thing down. And we'd be saying, 'Would you shush now a minute, we just want to hear the news'."

The chart-topping band's frontman Bono has previously spoken about the how mum-of-three was the group's first roadie when U2 were starting out in the industry.

"Mrs Edge was always there. She had an orange Volkswagen, she picked up our gear and she never complained," he said.

The Edge's bandmates Bono, Larry Mullins and Adam Clayton are all expected to turn up to the funeral, which is expected to be held later this week, to pay their respects.

Gwenda is survived by her husband Garvin and children Dave, Jill and Richard.