H&M launches 'cheap-chic' range by designer Lanvin . . . but why will it cost us 30pc more than in the UK?

Adelina Campos

CASH-STRAPPED fashionistas are expected to flock to the high street this month as prestigious house Lanvin releases its most affordable collection to date -- in H&M.

But the Herald can reveal that Irish shoppers wishing to get their hands on the much-anticipated collaboration will have to part with more cash than their British counterparts.


While the "cheap-chic" designer collection will be available in this country from November 23, the range has been marked up in the eurozone by as much as 30pc in comparison with the UK.

While the cheapest items cost around the same price in both countries -- €9.95 for lipsticks in Dublin, £7.99 (€9 at the time of publication) in London -- there is significant difference for more luxurious pieces.

The most expensive item on the list, a black sateen coat with jewelled buttons, would only set you back £199.99 in the UK (approximately €228), but it costs €299 here, a €71 difference.

Most cocktail dresses retail at €149 in Ireland but shoppers in the North can grab them for just £99 (€114).

A spokesperson for the Swedish retailer refused to comment on the massive mark-up when contacted by the Herald.

However, a well-placed source expressed disbelief when informed of the price disparity between the eurozone and the UK.

"I'm very surprised at the difference in price between pounds and euros," the source said.

"H&M reduced all of their prices in the last year in Ireland to reflect the change in exchange rate and in the economy, so this is unexpected," the insider added.

While these items could be considered very expensive for H&M, they are much cheaper than what Lanvin pieces normally cost, and the collection is still expected to sell out within hours of its launch.