grisly life of ryan and gang

•Alan Ryan and his mob are directly linked to at least three murders as well as numerous other violent incidents.

•They are suspected of ordering the murdering of Colm 'Collie' Owens in Finglas in July, 2010.

•Alan Ryan is also suspected of being behind the murder of Sean Winters, who was shot twice in the head outside an apartment in Portmarnock in September 2010.

•Alan Ryan is believed to have personal involvement in the murder of major Dublin drugs trafficker Michael 'Micka' Kelly in September, 2011.

•Alan Ryan was responsible for a vicious attack on car thief and former member of the Westies mob, Jason O'Connor.

He had his fingers hacked off by Ryan in Fairview Park on May 3.

•In May last year, Alan Ryan spearheaded attempts to ruin the queen's historic visit to Dublin.

He was actively involved in trying to spark riots as he faced off with gardai near Christchurch.