Great hens need a top bridesmaid to Plan the fun

Holly White

Brianna Clear arranged her sister Naomi's hen in the Morgan Hotel in Temple Bar

We all crammed into the penthouse back at the Morgan in the early hours and the following day had a calm, girly breakfast. It was a most memorable weekend and a brilliant send-off for Naomi. 087 092 6705 The bride, Naomi, is the owner of The Village Coffee House in Templeogue.

Rachel Cleary arranged her sister Sara's hen in the Westbury hotel

We knew the hen was going to be big, so someone's house was not an option. In the end, it was 48 people and we chose the Westbury Hotel. They were so accommodating and it was surprisingly easy on the wallet; dinner was less than €30 each. This didn't include wine, but was still great value.

After dinner, we had lots of girly games and plenty of cocktails. So many people said it was the best hen they had ever been to. Looking back, we all had such a wonderful time.

There is nothing I would change although I would have perhaps had people pay in advance as when the time came to settle for the dinner it got really complicated trying to get change for people.

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Greta Dunne organised her sister Mary Elizabeth's hen at the family home

For my sister Mary Elizabeth's hen we were conscious that she didn't want to impose financially on anyone, but we knew we were going to have an amazing time.

We hosted it in our family home. To start we went to Smyths Toy Store and got a sticker maker and made up lots of fun stickers that everyone had to wear. We made a video with all the footage we had of her, complete with ex-boyfriends, on Windows Movie Maker. We also had a quiz testing the girl's knowledge on her. My sister Jenny and I cooked up a big chicken dish and we had some wine.

As her name is Mary Elizabeth everyone had to dress up as a character beginning with the letter 'M' so we had a Munster rugby player, Marilyn Monroe, Marilyn Manson, Medusa and a MILF.

We all got a bus to Time in Naas and hit the tiles. It was such a brilliant night and cost about €300 to put together.

Greta Dunne works at the Student Network www.the helping big brands connect with the students of Ireland