Grandad had heroin to pay off drug debt

Andrew Phelan

A GRANDFATHER who stored heroin in his home to pay off his own drug debt has been jailed for six months.

Martin Egan (42) was caught with €180 worth of the drug, as well as €300 worth of cannabis when gardai searched his home at Rutland Cottages, Dublin 1.

The District Court heard he had been using cannabis and owed money when he agreed to "mind" the heroin for other people.

Egan pleaded guilty to possession of drugs with intent to sell or supply at his home on November 30, 2012.

Garda Caitriona Brody said Egan told her that he had been holding the heroin for someone else.

The court heard he had previous convictions for offences including the sale or supply of drugs.

Egan had been using cannabis and owed a debt in relation to this, his solicitor Declan Fahy said. He was under pressure and agreed to hold the heroin.

A former heroin addict, Egan was on methadone when the offence occurred.

He told the court he had relapsed over the years and had a drink problem.


"He doesn't have to take cannabis, he chooses to", Judge Ann Watkin said.

"To go out and sell heroin because of his choice is a horrendous crime".

The court heard Egan had three adult children and was a "good family man in a stable relationship". Judge Watkin said the accused was "complicit in selling" drugs.

She sentenced him to 12 months imprisonment, with six months suspended for two years.