Golden chance to meet all the Celebs at after-party

Lisa Cannon

When I woke up in my bed three days ago, I had no idea that this very weekend I'd be standing in a hot dress surrounded by Hollywood's biggest stars, being gawped at by Quentin Tarantino.

But I was about to score a last-minute ticket to the Golden Globes. And so I found myself at one of the biggest after-parties in Hollywood's Beverly Hilton Hotel on Wilshire Boulevard. And it was being thrown by none other than Miramax chief Harvey Weinstein.

Due to my extreme surprise at attending the ceremony, everything was done last minute. But luckily, LA-based Caroline Morahan came to my rescue and I borrowed her gorgeous floor-length green dress from the IFTAs about two years ago.

When I walked in the door of the Hilton, the first person I saw was Sandra Bullock holding her gold statue -- this was going to be memorable.


Celeb-packed parties are just one of the perks of award season in Hollywood and since I arrived here as a guest of Martini, I have had the privilege of rubbing shoulders with the elite -- to my left is Harrison Ford, to my right is Taylor Lautner and in front of me is everyone from Jennifer Aniston, Colin Firth, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Pierce Brosnan. Welcome to Hollywood.

After working the room a few minutes, I was talking to Inglourious Basterds star Diane Kruger for a few minutes, who is just as beautiful in real life as on film.

I managed to catch the attention of Quentin Tarantino for a few minutes (thank you, Caroline, for the eye-catching dress) and I had just enough time to tell him how much I love his work before somebody dragged him off me.

I got my first taste of the party lifestyle when I attended the official DreamWorks bash the other night with none other than Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith.

I met the Spanish heartthrob earlier for an interview about his new film, How to Train Your Dragon.

Also involved in the animated film are Jonah Hill, from Superbad, and Gerard Butler -- and I got to talk to them both. Jonah did not disappoint in the slightest -- he is as a funny in real life as he is on film. He revealed that he will be in Dublin this summer to film a movie with Russell Brand.

Even though I was caught up in the fast-paced lifestyle, I still found time to dine out with Caroline and her beau before we hit a club on the Sunset Boulevard ...