Girl (6) locked up in raid feared her mum would be killed

Jane Last

A SIX-YEAR-OLD girl locked in a bathroom by masked raiders feared they were going to kill her mother.

The two raiders held the mother and her two daughters hostage in their Killiney Hill home for two hours.

They held the mum and her two-year-old daughter in the bedroom, and ordered the crying six-year-old to remain in the bathroom.

Gardai are now hoping members of the public will come forward with information about the home invasion in Killiney on May 4.

A reconstruction of the terrifying event was broadcast on RTE's Crimecall programme last night.


The reconstruction showed that both men spoke with Dublin accents, and one was referred to as 'John'.

One man wore a red hoodie, and the other a black hoodie.

A source said: "This was a very well planned crime -- the culprits knew exactly who they were targeting and a lot of surveillance went into it."

The two men, who had Dublin accents, entered the South Dublin home at approximately 9.40pm on the night in question, shortly after the woman finished bathing her children and let out the dogs.

They told the terrified woman they had been watching her for weeks prior to the break-in, knew about her business and knew she had money.

They demanded to know where the safe was and spent two hours ransacking the home, searching for valuables.

The two raiders stole €20,000 worth of jewellery, $2,000 in cash, three phones and the CCTV hard drive before escaping in the woman's jeep.

The car was found abandoned nearby.

Crimecall viewers were told that the six-year-old daughter had feared the raiders would kill her mother while she was locked in the bathroom.

Both are understood to have recovered from their ordeal.