Gifts 2010 - DVD's

THere's no shortage of Options out there for the film or TV fan in your life, says George Byrne

1 Toy Story 1/2/3 (€29.99)

Pixar's groundbreaking animated series is arguably the greatest trilogy in cinema, with this year's final instalment reducing audiences to tears and sure to be a Best Picture Oscar nominee if there's any justice.

The adventures of Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie and the gang have been meticulously plotted and brilliantly crafted.

2 James Bond (€69.99)

Production is set to begin early next year on Daniel Craig's third outing as 007, and if you're a Bond obsessive you can whet your appetite by delving into this anthology of the suave spy's official outings.

Here you'll find everything from Dr No right up to the disappointing Quantum of Solace.

3 The Pacific (€34.99)

There was probably no way that this series could have lived up to the hype and anticipation which preceded it, especially given that it came from the same people who brought us the brilliant Band of Brothers.

It's still a fine achievement as it follows a group of US troops in the vicious Pacific campaign against the Japanese in World War II.

4 Inspector Morse (€59.99)

Over the coming weeks there'll be days when you want nothing more than to put your feet up of an afternoon, brew up a cuppa and sit down to watch an expertly made programme unfold at a leisurely pace.

Nothing does the job quite like Inspector Morse, and in Collected Case Files there are 33 stories with John Thaw and Kevin Whately solving murders among the dreaming spires of Oxford.

5 Clint Eastwood (€59.99)

Each of the 35 movies in this retrospective of Clint Eastwood's career comes to just over €1.50, remarkable value I'm sure you'll agree.

It takes us from his days as an action hero in Where Eagles Dare and Kelly's Heroes, through the Dirty Harry period and on to his hugely successful work as a director on excellent movies such as Mystic River, Gran Torino and Letters from Iwo Jima.

6 Match of the DaY (€24.99)

For football fans of a certain age the Match of the Day collection to beat them all has to be the one celebrating the 1970s, when pitches were like glue and tackles from the likes of Ron 'Chopper' Harris, Peter Storey, Nobby Stiles and Johnny Giles could chill the blood.

Some of that decade's glory and gory days are here, alongside clips from the '60s and '80s in an entertaining retrospective.

7 The World at War, (€89.99)

First broadcast in 1973, The World at War still stands as a masterclass in documentary making. The 26-episode history of World War II covers every theatre of that terrible conflict and Laurence Olivier's impeccable narration adds great gravitas to a laudable project.

8 the West Wing (€69.99)

Given that politicians aren't exactly flavour of the month in these parts, why not retreat to a fantasy land where members of the profession generally act in the greater good and exude duty and nobility?

Martin Sheen's portrayal of US President Joshua Bartlett is a highlight of the actor's sterling career.

9 Frasier (€59.99)

Many's the barstool debate which has raged as to what was the greatest sitcom of all. Seinfeld, Fawlty Towers and Father Ted have their backers but this Cheers spin-off is the clear champion for me.

It has perfectly rounded characters, a sublime blend of wit and farce in the writing and excellent performances from Kelsey Grammar, David Hyde Pierce, John Mahoney and the rest of the cast.

10 Palace Posters (prices from €30)

Lovers of movie-related memorabilia could find the perfect present in this new outlet, at 4 Upper Fownes Street, beside the Central Bank.

You can check out some of their framed vintage movie posters at