Gardai warn parents on dangers of 'scutting'

Cormac Byrne, Trevor Halpin

GARDAI have warned motorists and parents to watch out for children "scutting" cars in Dublin city.

Children and teenagers have been pictured around the capital hanging on to moving vehicles and sliding in the snow.

A study conducted in Ireland showed that 30pc of children who were admitted to hospital with "scutting" injuries later died.

Our picture (left) shows a youth jumping on the boot of a moving car as it's in motion.

Roads in the capital have turned to ice after days of snow and sub-zero temperatures encouraging the teens to engage in this highly dangerous practice. A Garda spokesperson told the Herald that any motorist or member of the public who sees it going on should contact their local gardai straight away.


"Most perpetrators are very young and are unlikely to appear before the courts," he said.

"It is an extremely dangerous and hazardous and we would urge motorists to be aware that these types of activities are going on.

"We would urge people to stop safely if they find someone is clinging to their car and ask the children to get off.

"When they do this they should always contact the gardai."

A parent who witnessed the activity going on told the Herald "scutting" should not be viewed as "harmless fun".

"We all might have thrown a snowball or two at people passing by when we were young, but scutting on moving vehicles has got out of hand in some areas. It's got danger written all over it," she said.