Gardai rush to Sinead’s home after suicide plea

Claire Murphy

SINEAD O’Connor wrote that she wished she was dead.

Gardai went to troubled singer Sinead O'Connor's home after her online suicide plea.

The mum-of-four admitted she was broken-hearted after her marriage breakdown and had been seeing a psychiatrist.

Sinead (44) posted a string of messages online last night which revealed her fragile mental state.

The Nothing Compares 2 U singer said that she had been frustrated and had wanted to have some fun in her search for a new relationship.

“Truth is I only did all this for the last month cuz I was so depressed about my marriage breaking up and I got tired of crying,” she wrote.


“And tired of thinking I'm a sh*t person all day. So I thought I'd turn it into something funny. And it worked! And I had more fun last four weeks than I had for years. And had self-esteem.”

But the singer explained that she had a bad experience yesterday which set her back.

“Now I wish I was dead. No hope,” she said. “Anyway…If anyone knows how I can kill myself without my kids finding out I did it deliberately please tell me.”

The singer began posting the messages after 6.30pm and said that she was living for her kids but wanted to find an escape.

“I want to go to heaven so bad. Have for years,” she said.


“But I don't want to abandon my kids. But if I could die without them knowing I did it myself, I would.”

Sinead split from her third husband Steve Cooney last April after just over a year of marriage. Her desperate messages caused a wave of support from her Twitter followers and gardai in Sinead's hometown of Bray, Co Wicklow were contacted and a squad car sent to her home.

One fan pleaded with Sinead to stay strong: “So much love out there for you,” they wrote.

“If anyone knows the lovely, clever, funny [Sinead O'Connor] can they go and give her the hugest hug,” another wrote.