Gardai rescue sheep from inner city flats complex

Conor Feehan

Ewe wouldn’t believe what was found in the Oliver Bond flats last night.

Residents in the south city complex thought somebody was trying to pull the wool over their eyes when they heard bleating.

On further inquiry, they found a lone sheep wandering around.

Locals scratched their heads as to how the sheep found itself so far out of its usual environment. The residents called gardai, who at first thought it was a prank but investigated as per protocol.

“A crew from Kevin Street Station went down to have a look. It was the strangest suspect we’ve picked up in a while,” said a garda spokesman.

The sheep was taken to the station and monitored overnight before being collected by the DSPCA this morning.

Gardai tweeted a photo of the sheep today with the caption ‘Wooly [sic] story! Sheep found in Oliver Bond flats last night!’

The animal has purple dye on its fleece, indicating it originated on a farm.

One line of inquiry is that the sheep may have been captured for illegal slaughter for food.

Gillian Bird, education officer with the DSPCA, has  previously reported that there have been a number of reports of pigs and sheep being killed in this way.

“Reports of this type sometimes coincide with religious festivals,” she said.