Gardai 'furious' after pub waits 3 days to report shotgun incident

Gardai are said to be angry (stock pic)

Ken Foy

Detectives are hunting an unidentified man who dropped a suspected firearm in a crowded west Dublin pub while ordering a pint.

The incident was caught on CCTV cameras and shows a family sitting yards from the individual when the firearm hits the floor.

Despite losing control of the suspected shotgun in front of stunned customers, the individual can be seen calmly picking it up and placing it back under his jacket before leaving the Lucan premises.

Sources said that gardai were left "frustrated" as the incident was not reported until three days after it happened.

A garda spokesman confirmed that officers at Lucan Garda Station are investigating the possession of a firearm offence at the pub.

"The incident occurred at approximately 8pm on August 2," the spokesman said.

"No arrests have yet been made and investigations are ongoing."

A source said last night that gardai are "very concerned" that a potential firearm is being carried around by this individual.

"Judging by the CCTV footage obtained by gardai, the man doesn't seem too concerned that he was seen with what appeared to be a shotgun," the source said.

"Gardai were not made aware of this incident until three days after it was first raised with staff at the pub.

"They are furious that it took so long for someone to come forward and to report it."

Detectives have examined the CCTV footage from the premises on the night in question, but it is understood they have not yet been able to identify the individual.

The footage shows the man taking a seat in the corner of the pub before ordering a pint from a member of staff.


As the waitress walks off, the suspected firearm falls from his jacket and on to the floor.

The man quickly picks up the weapon, which appears to be a sawn-off shotgun, before walking out of the pub without waiting for his pint.

Gardai are trying to establish the reason for the individual being in the pub with the suspected firearm.

"It has not been conclusively confirmed or ruled out if the weapon is an actual firearm or a replica, but it appears to be very real from the video footage obtained and it is unlikely to be a replica," said a source.

"From the footage reviewed, there is nothing to suggest that this man, who did not conceal his face, was attempting to rob the premises.

"It raises questions over what he was actually doing with this firearm in the pub."