Garda 'threat' woman is cleared of assault charge

Ciara O'Connor

By Andrew Phelan

A DUBLIN woman has been cleared of assaulting a garda by repeatedly kicking him after he told her to move on from outside a drugs clinic as she walked her dog.

Ciara O'Connor (31), had the assault charge against her dismissed but was found guilty of two public order offences after the officer said she made a "real threat" against him.

Her then-boyfriend, Keith Ronan (41), had also been accused of verbally abusing and kicking the officer, but assault and breach of the peace charges against him were dismissed.

He was found guilty only of failing to obey garda directions and fined €200.

Ms O'Connor, of Pearse House, Dublin 2 and Mr Ronan, from Mount Olive Grove, Kilbarrack had both denied assaulting Garda Brian O'Connor, breach of the peace and failing to obey directions following an incident at Pearse Street on September 10, 2012.

Garda O'Connor had said O'Connor told him: "Look at you hiding behind your uniform, do you think we don't know when you finish work? We will get you when you finish."

She had denied this.

Judge Walsh said he saw nothing on CCTV to show that the garda used any excessive force.

Sentencing on O'Connor's public order charges was adjourned to a date next month.