Garda anger at 'time wasting' in Galvin-Callan bar bust-up

Ken Foy, Crime correspondent

GARDAI have expressed "huge frustration" at the behaviour of some people who were at the centre of a scuffle in a popular Dublin pub involving GAA star Paul Galvin and comedian Oliver Callan.

Officers have still not received a formal complaint after the high-profile bust-up in Kehoe's, in South Anne Street, on Wednesday night of last week -- but senior officers have expressed dismay at the attitude of some of those present on the night, when that Galvin allegedly attempted to headbutt Callan after allegedly being slagged by the comedian.

A senior garda source said: "Yes, this incident is the focus of a garda investigation because it has to be. Gardai were called to the scene that night.

"But what has transpired over the past week has been extremely frustrating for gardai, who frankly have much more to be doing with their time.

"A lot of important garda time has been wasted and, in fact, the attitude of some people caught up in this has been nothing short of extremely rude."

It has emerged that Oliver Callan had an appointment to meet gardai yesterday, but he failed to show up and offered officers no explanation for not doing so. A close pal of Callan -- who originally indicated he wanted to make a complaint about the events of the night -- has not taken calls from gardai all week and another media personality has also not engaged with the investigation, sources say.

"This is really unfair, as gardai in Pearse Street have so much more to be dealing with."

Sources say the most co-operative person involved in the fracas has been Paul Galvin, who has engaged with gardai at every opportunity.

The Herald has revealed that Galvin has offered to apologise to comic Oliver Callan over their bar bust-up -- but he doesn't want it to be a media event.

The GAA star wants to bury the hatchet with the RTE star, the Herald can reveal, but he is not willing to be publicly humiliated any further over their fight at Kehoe's last week, which was witnessed by a Government minister.

Sources have revealed that Galvin texted the mimic before he appeared on RTE's Saturday Night Show. Galvin was reported to be "very upset" after Callan made "gay jibes" about him.


He allegedly verbally attacked Callan over the jibes and went to headbutt him -- and gardai were called to the premises.

It was reported that the bust-up was as a result of an earlier skit focused on Galvin's alleged relationship with Grainne Seoige. However sources close to the pair have dismissed this claim -- insisting that Galvin was "far from impressed" when the RTE funnyman jeered his fashion sense.

None of the parties involved were available for comment this morning.