Gangster's lover in wedding attack is taunted online

Ken Foy, Crime correspondent

A MISTRESS at the centre of a love triangle which led to her being savagely assaulted at her lover's wedding has been the subject of a spate of online abuse.

THE Herald revealed yesterday that a major gangster's plush wedding descended into chaos when his mistress showed up and fought with the bride and the bride's pals.

It has now emerged that the woman at the centre of the bizarre controversy has been forced to take down her Facebook page after dozens of other women posted abusive messages about her and the gangster she is alleged to have had an affair with.

Bizarrely, she had earlier posted a photo of herself and the Dublin gangster sitting in an intimate position together on a couch.

A source said: "What happened at last weekend's wedding is the talk of the Tallaght and Firhouse area – there were even insults going back and forward between women on the school run yesterday morning.

"People are shocked at what happened in the early hours of last Sunday morning in that hotel in the midlands."

The mistress is understood to have suffered horrific facial injuries after she was confronted at around 2am on Sunday when she "disappeared together" with her lover.

"She suffered a broken nose, broken jaw and lost a number of teeth after being kicked in the face. A lot of the messages posted online show a complete lack of sympathy for what happened to her," said a source.

The brutal assault is now the subject of a garda investigation as sources have revealed that the gangster has not seen his new bride since their wedding.

The criminal cannot be named here for legal reasons as he is facing massive drugs, firearms and ammunition charges before the courts.