Gang threaten to shoot staff in botched raid at pub

The Cuckoo's Nest bar and grill, Greenhills Road, Dublin 24

By Robin Schiller

An armed gang got away with a substantial amount of cash after threatening to shoot a member of staff at a west Dublin premises.

The three-man gang targeted The Cuckoo's Nest pub on the Greenhills Road, Tallaght, shortly before 1am on Friday morning of last week.

As staff were locking up the establishment for the night, they noticed a suspicious vehicle in the car park.

Two of the men jumped out of the car which was parked in front of the pub, and ran at the manager and another member of staff.

One of the thugs brandished what was believed to be a handgun and threatened to shoot the men if they did not open up the pub.

The other assailant, carrying a baton, also made verbal threats to the staff.

The third member of the gang waited in the car, acting as a getaway driver, while the raid was being carried out by his accomplices..

However, the pub's safe was time-locked for the night, meaning the raiders would not be able to make off with the night's takings.

When the gang realised their robbery had failed, they demanded the manager and the other member of staff to hand over any cash they had.


The thugs made off with a substantial amount of cash among other items, and drove up the Greenhills Road in the Walkinstown direction.

Local sources said that one of the men involved in the ordeal had been affected by the events, and had not returned to work since.

Gardai said there have been no arrests made in relation to the incident.