Galaxy is out of this world for innovation

Philip Hedderman

Think Ford and hatchback and you get the Focus.

Think Ford and van and it's Transit. Think MPV and seven seater and of course it's the Galaxy.

It is the people carrier (or MPV as the marketing gurus like to call it) all the other car manufacturers aspire to.

The Galaxy broke ground on the MPV and was first out of the blocks in this new segment.

The boys over at the Blue Oval badge resisted the temptation of throwing extra seats into the back of a short wheel base Transit, giving it a fancy, family friendly name and churning them out cheap as chips.

No sir. The engineers wanted to develop a mode of transport which had the capacity of a 40-foot rig with the driveability and handling of a luxury saloon.

What they came up with redefined family motoring.

Launched in the summer of 1995, it offered impressive new levels of driveability, flexibility and versatility.


Comfort and space proved a real winner with clans who had more that the 2.1 kids. The model has gone from strength to strength - copper fastening it claim as the best MPV on the market.

The Ford Fold Flat System (FFS) which has folding second-row and third-row seats provide up to 32 possible seating and stowage configurations is now standard.

To enhance the driving pleasure even further a revised line up of new engines boast more power, lower emissions and even greater mpg.

The one on test today is the EcoBoost turbocharged petrol engine which generates an eye-watering 203 bhp while returning around 35mpg.

This new powerplant reduces CO2s by up to 20pc bringing it to 189 g/km - which attracts tax of €630 a year.

That's not half bad considering firstly, its petrol and secondly, automatic. Prices and tax bands reduce dramatically as soon as you get into the diesel version with a manual box - which most drivers will prefer.

That said, the new state-of-the-art six-speed double-clutch auto is a joy - cleverly selecting the next gear at exactly the right moment, delivering lightning-fast changes with no disruption to power.

Pound for pound the Galaxy still reigns supreme in the land of the MPV. Entry model costs from €38,795.