From writer to guest for RTE's latest star ...

Lorna Nolan

At first glance it appears RTE had made the most of its home-grown talent as it launched new comedy series That's All We've Got Time For.

The show, which aired on Thursday, saw ringmaster and host of the satirical series Barry Murphy being joined by team captains Mario Rosenstock and Kevin Myers alongside two commentators, Terry Prone and Kevin Gildea.

But eagle-eyed viewers who observed the closing credits at the end of the first programme will have noticed that comedian Gildea has more involvement in the show than just as a one-off contributor.

For the well-known funny-man is also involved in the writing of the show, teaming up with Cork comic Michael Mee to pen the series, begging the question, just how hard is RTE finding it to find guests for its own shows?

Gildea is no stranger to RTE, given that he is also a regular contributor to the station's art show, The View.

Plus, he wrote and performed in BBC2's hit sketch show Haywire.

That's All We've Got Time For is recorded in front of a live audience each week, and aims to dissect the week's events in an irreverent and intelligent manner.

Gildea first made his name playing Father Cave on hit series Father Ted and is good friends with one of the biggest stars of that show, Ardal O'Hanlon, who played Father Dougal..