Franc's back ... but this time he's on a wedding budget

Clodagh Sheehy

FRANC'S back and has a new challenge -- making 'budget brides' feel a million dollars.

Leading wedding designer Peter Kelly, known as Franc, has come up with a host of ingenious ideas to help couples keep wedding costs down but giving their day the "wow factor".

He is set to put them to the test in a new series called Franc's DIY Brides.

"I wanted them to get the same experience I did from my own wedding. I cooked the food and did my own decor. Its a tough road but the pay-off is huge. You go to a lot of pain but get a big gain at the end," he said.

Franc shares tips and flair to help six brides and their fiances create the own cost-effective weddings for his six-part series.

By rolling up their sleeves and taking Franc's creative tips on board, the couples will not only get their own unique wedding but will also be able to make a limited budget go further.

The weddings featured in the show have budgets of €6,000 to €20,000.

He covers every aspect of the wedding from buying sample wedding dresses to making homemade cakes and using heirloom rings.

In the first programme on Sunday, May 6, teacher Emma Daniel and Michael Foley from Enfield, Co Meath are helped to create a vintage themed wedding with a guest list of 200 on a budget of €15,000. DIY enthusiast Emma is unable to resist a bargain and has accumulated a shed full of decor for the big day.

Franc's DIY Brides will be broadcast for six Sundays from May 6 at 8.30pm on RTE One.