Four week waiting list to deal with rat infestation

Rats pictured near the storage units at the Grange View Road estate in Clondalkin Picture: Frank McGrath

Robin Schiller

The HSE is taking up to four weeks to deal with rat infestations in Dublin housing estates due to a "significant" lack of staff and resources.

An estate in west Dublin has been hit with a rat infestation over the last number of days, with residents of Raheen Park in Ballyfermot making complaints to the local authority to eradicate the problem.

However, the HSE has stated that it is taking up to a month to deal with such complaints.


"The HSE Pest Control Service can confirm that it has received complaints with regard to a rat infestation at Raheen Park Estate, Ballyfermot," a spokesperson said.

"The Pest Control Service is experiencing significant resource pressures at present and complainants are being advised that there can be up to a four-week delay in dealing with complaints.

"The HSE is prioritising complaints and is endeavouring to respond as promptly as possible," the spokesperson added.

A rat infestation previously plagued a housing estate in Clondalkin, where massive rodents swarmed the area.

Local councillor Daithi de Roiste called the delay "absolutely disgraceful" and said that people in the area have been prevented from going about their daily business as a result of the problem.

"The HSE have allowed a situation to develop whereby, out in the open, there are rats running around.

"They're running around where children are playing, where people are trying to go about their daily business.

"I will be raising this at the next HSE Regional meeting and call on the Health Minister to get involved in the backlog and fix the problem," the Fianna Fail councillor said.

"The fact that there is a wait of four weeks before someone can even come out and look at the problem is not good enough, and this serious health and safety issue needs to be dealt with immediately," Mr de Roiste added.