Forget Santorini...for a spot of sun, get to Sandymount!

Kevin Fagan

GET the sunscreen at the ready -- Ireland is set to bask in Greek temperatures over coming days.

Summer has come early according to weather experts who are predicting record highs for this this time of year.

There are forecasts that temperatures could rise as high as 19C.

This means that Ireland will be hotter than Greek party island Mykonos, which will only hit 15C.

Temperatures in Kilkenny and Belmullet are set to be the hottest, from 19.2C to 19.5C.

That is almost double the average temperature for this time of year, which is usually a nippy 10C.

And, with the clocks going forward on Sunday morning, Irish sun lovers will get the chance to enjoy more of the record breaking sunshine, with the brighter evenings.


A Met Eireann spokesperson said "South east winds are stirring dry and very mild air from the continent towards Ireland.

"Friday will have hazy afternoon sunshine in many places and top temperatures of 14C, with Saturday dry and very mild away from east and south coasts, with sunny periods and highest temperatures of 16C.

"Sunday will have sunshine in many areas and be even milder, with temperatures possibly reaching 18C inland but cooler in coastal regions.

"Next week is likely to stay settled and dry, with light winds and very mild."

And Irish Weather Online forecaster Peter O'Donnell had more good news, revealing that the warm weather is due to continue into next week.

"Monday to Wednesday should be warmer, with sunshine and highs perhaps reaching 18C or 19C in inland areas and the west."

The good weather will make for sizzling conversation following the revelation that we spend an average of three months of our lives discussing the weather.

New research has found that 72pc of us talk about the weather at least once a day with the average conversation lasting six and a half minutes.

We are seven times more likely to talk about it than our love lives. And for a third of us, meteorological chit-chat is a way of breaking the ice with a stranger.

Women talk about it slightly more than men -- for 106 days in a lifetime compared to 92. The next most popular topic among women is television soaps and among men, sport.