Flurry of calls to adoption agencies

Tammy Gage cries every time she turns on the TV and sees the devastation in Haiti. And though she already has three daughters, she didn't hesitate when her husband suggested that they adopt from Haiti.

"That's all he needed to say," she said.

Gage and her husband Brad are among many Americans expressing interest in adopting children who have been orphaned by the quake last week.

Adoption advocacy groups are reporting dozens of calls a day. The need is vast. Even before the devastating earthquake, Haiti had 380,000 orphans, according to UNICEF.

Gage (38) of Missouri, said her oldest daughter texted her the phone number of the National Council for Adoption while on the school bus. The family knows that adoption can take a long time, but plans to stick it out.

"Of course the sooner, the better, but I know kind of the process," she said.

Gage and husband Brad had discussed adopting before, but she was moved by the devastation in Haiti. "Really, I wanted to get on the next flight out and help these people," she said.