First glimpse inside pub on tribute night to RIRA boss Ryan

CHILLING: Gangster's pals sing songs of bloody revenge

Niall O'Connor

WELCOME inside the controversial Alan Ryan fundraiser -- where senior dissidents necked pints and vowed to avenge those who murdered the Real IRA boss.

Our exclusive picture shows the interior of the well-known Submarine bar in Crumlin which played host to the massive bash eight days ago.

Associates of Alan Ryan (32) said 700 people attended the event, which was closely watched by armed gardai.

A large picture of the murdered terror boss was projected on to a hanging screen as men with bodhrans and other instruments played music throughout the night.

However tensions between Ryan's associates and local representatives have heightened since the fundraiser -- with one councillor having his personal details placed on a social networking site.

During the controversial event, friends of the murdered criminal joined together to sing The Ballad Of Alan Ryan -- which vows to avenge his killers.

One lyric of the song reads: "We vow to carry on his work, We will follow in his lead, We will find out where those gangsters lurk, We will avenge their cowardly deed."


Pals stayed in the pub -- which was closed to the public -- until the early hours of last Saturday morning. Ryan's close associates paid emotional tributes to the gangster, while dozens of pictures of him were put on display.

Following the event, a message was put up on the Facebook page of the 'Alan Ryan Memorial Society'.

"The Alan Ryan Memorial Society on behalf of the Ryan family would like to thank everyone for their support on Friday night.

"It is very much appreciated. We would especially like to thank the management and staff of the Submarine Bar in Crumlin.

"In spite of the usual scaremongering and downright lies by the State-led national media and some local politicians, the function was attended by over seven hundred people from all parts of the country and abroad."

Meanwhile the Herald can reveal that one local representative who criticised the staging of the event had his address and personal details put up online.

Labour councillor Michael O'Sullivan stated that he had "serious problems" with the event going ahead.

However after going public with the remarks, friends of Ryan strongly attacked him on Facebook and threatened to hold a protest outside his home.

Speaking to the Herald, Cllr O'Sullivan said he stands over the remarks and that he is not concerned about the level of abuse he received.