Fireman's election posters burned

Geraldine Gittens

A FORMER firefighter running in the Dublin West by-election claims he is being targeted by rivals who are burning his campaign posters.

Independent candidate John Kidd believes it is 'ironic' that some of his posters have been set on fire.

Fire officers came across one burning poster on an ESB pole near Castleknock.

Mr Kidd (49) believes that the fire last Friday night was started by people who do not want him to succeed in his bid to win the seat vacated following the death of Brian Lenihan.

He spent time yesterday picking his posters off the ground.

"They're pulling them down and I only have 300 posters, I don't have a lot of them.

"It's ironic that they're doing that. I'm calling for efficiencies in the fire service and saying that €100m could be saved, and they're doing this at the same time.

"I got a text from someone at the weekend to say that a lot of my posters were knocked on the ground and it seems like the only ones they're knocking down are John Kidd's," he told the Herald.

One source said: "Guys walking home from the pub think it's fun to set them on fire."