Firefighter aims to cut response time in half

Niall O'Connor

CITY chiefs are planning to roll out a new route system aimed at significantly reducing emergency call-out times.

The system, currently being run in the capital on a trial basis, is credited with slashing the length of call-outs in half.

The initiative was devised late last year by a member of Dublin Fire Brigade who was responding to an emergency call involving a young child.

Firefighter Cathal Garvey was travelling to a house in an estate in Darndale when he became frustrated at the complicated numbering system and couldn't find it for several minutes.


"Due to the anomalies and sporadic nature of Darndale house numbers, it took 10 minutes to get to where we should have been," he told the Herald.

"Often emergency personnel are hindered by the numbering of houses in estates."

Cathal then devised The Pathfinder project, which uses colour-coding to show officers the quickest way through the estate. House numbers are colour-coded on a map and the corresponding coloured route is followed by emergency services.

Fire chiefs have now adopted the initiative on a trial basis.

John Keogh, Operations Officer with Dublin Fire Brigade, said: "Dublin Fire Brigade is fully behind Cathal's initiative.

Dublin North Central TD Finian McGrath said he believes the initiative "will save lives".