Fired up ... Apprentices in tourist trail scrap


APPRENTICE contestants come close to blows in the British version of the show tonight.

Alan Sugar's would-be business tycoons hit the tourist trail in this evening's episode.

The teams are challenged to set up their own London tour company to take visitors around the capital's sights.

Self-styled "big fish" Stuart Baggs is put in charge of one team and promptly starts trying to steal the opposition's customers.


Things come to a head in Trafalgar Square when Baggs interrupts Chris Bates while he is talking to a potential customer, prompting a furious Bates to warn Baggs to "seriously f*** off". Baggs then taunts his rival, saying: "Go on hit me then... you mouth off but why don't you back it up with substance?"

With only one more contestant to be fired before the final five are decided everyone is feeling the pressure and Liz Locke admits: "It would be almost like going on the first week if I went out today, even though I've achieved so much, I'd be absolutely devastated."