Film reviews

It's something of a mystery why Steven Spielberg would decide to venture into the genre of animation (and in 3D no less) at this stage of his career, even more so when it quickly becomes apparent that the story of boy reporter Tintin and his search for the mystery treasure of old pirate ship the Unicorn bears more than a passing resemblance to the first three Indiana Jones movies.

Surely a decent Indy film to banish the horrible memory of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull would be more in order than an animation based on a Belgian cartoon, no matter how beloved?

Tintin looks fine, if a tad off-putting in that dead-eyed Polar Express fashion, and boasts a kiddie-friendly character in Snowy the dog but the 3D adds absolutely nothing to the film and one is left with the feeling that this is little more than an exercise for one of Hollywood's greatest-ever directors. An entertaining enough one, certainly, but an exercise nonetheless.


DEMONS NEVER DIE Horror. Starring Robert Sheehan, Emma Rigby, Jason Meza. Directed by Arjun Rose. Cert 18

A strong contender for the coveted 'worst movie of the year' award, this British-made slasher stars our own Robert Sheehan as one of a group of teenagers who, for reasons we never fully fathom, have decided to kill themselves on the same day. However, days before they can carry out their pact, members of the gang begin to be brutally murdered in not particularly interesting fashion as the film staggers and plods its way through every cliché imaginable. Awful. IIIII