Ferris sparks online row with boxer

Kevin Doyle

IRISH rugby star Stephen Ferris provoked the fury of boxing giant Martin Rogan after suggesting that his heavyweight loss at the weekend was "fixed".

Rogan attacked the Ulster player online after Ferris asked whether his Belfast bout with Tyson Fury was a set-up.

But Ferris was quick to back down after bruiser Rogan took him to task.

Their spat started on Twitter when Ferris appeared unimpressed with the manner in which Fury won the Irish heavyweight title.


The southpaw managed to stop Rogan in five rounds at the Odyssey Arena in Belfast.

Rogan (40) hit the ground twice during the fight which was not nearly as competitive as had been expected.

Ferris was quick to criticise, asking: "Was the boxing fixed?"

His international rugby mate Tommy Bowe was also tweeting about the action, but hadn't seen the fight.

He asked Ferris: "Who won fez? Any good?"

Colourful Ferris replied: "Fury won but it was fixed for Rogan to go down in the fifth. Body shot and he was nearly knocked out. Better fights in the crowd."

But the 26-year-old hadn't counted on the boxer seeing his tweets. He swung back: "How dare you say a fix I am a true fight, y (sic) didn't you say it to my face you card."

His ire continued, adding: "Call yourself a sportsman how can you even say what said I don't disrespect any sporting person."

But it appears that the pair did make up without coming to blows.

Ferris later explained to his followers: "After meeting Big Rogie today I would like to apologise for my comments last night."

And Rogan accepted, saying: "Thanks mate for your apologies, I do everything for my wife and children and I feel totally deflated with losing."

The fight was also marred by a brawl that broke out in the audience. Organisers were forced to call riot cops when around 40 fans were involved in clashes.

Several security workers suffered minor injuries but no arrests were made.