Fears lethal 'N Bomb' drug is still in circulation

Alex Ryan died five days after taking ‘N Bomb’

Ralph Riegel

A deadly designer drug, said to have killed an 18-year-old boy, originated in Holland and may still be available here.

Gardai are concerned that small quantities of the drug, nicknamed 'N Bomb' and with a clinical name of I25I-NBOMe, may still be in circulation.

From the 2C synthetic drug family, it is believed to have been responsible for the death of teenager Alex Ryan in Cork.

'N Bomb' is notorious for its hallucinogenic and toxic side-effects.

A quantity has been recovered by gardai in Cork, who echoed an HSE national warning that the drug should not be taken in any form whether it be tablet, liquid or powder.

It is particularly dangerous when ingested in powder form and when combined with alcohol.

The psychedelic party drug has potentially fatal side- effects, ranging from respiratory complications to kidney and liver failure.

Meanwhile, a priest issued an appeal for young people to have the strength to say "no" to drugs in the wake of the tragedy.

Canon John Fitzgerald was speaking as a shocked Cork community paid tribute to the late teenager, who had "lost a valiant five-day battle for life" after taking the deadly drug at a house party.

Mr Ryan, of Old Coach Road, Millstreet, Co Cork, died last weekend after being on a life-support machine since the previous Tuesday.

He was buried in Millstreet yesterday after his mother, Irena, and sister, Nicole, had asked the media not to attend the Requiem Mass.

Millstreet parish priest Canon John Fitzgerald spoke movingly as he urged young people to stay away from drugs.

"You were asked to have a chat with your parents at your Confirmation, and to abstain from drink until you were a certain age," he said.

"The second half of the pledge was that you abstain from drugs for life.

"I put that before you again, that you have the strength of character to say 'no', so that you yourselves can reach your full potential, achieve your own targets and find your own niche in life, where you will be happy and content."

A 29-year-old man was arrested within 24 hours of the party. He was questioned for 12 hours before being released without charge.

Garda investigations are continuing.