Fans on the game

"I love to see the way Sport gives this country such a lif. Its great to see so many people supporting Traps army. #coybig" -- Shane Lowry"

"I miss Phil Babb" -- Amy Huberman

"Jaysus that ref! it was like watchin a 90 minute ad for Specsavers!" -- Andy Quirke

"We lost because we didn't win" -- in the words of Ronaldo" -- Rozanna Purcell

"Great atmosphere down at #threeonthequay" -- Pippa O'Connor Desmond

"Really looking forward to match. C'Mon IRELAND" -- Adrian Kennedy

"Best of luck to the boys in green!" -- Nadia Forde

"Come on you boys in Green" -- The Coronas

"Sorry to see Ireland lose their first game at the Euros. An uphill task for them in Group C now. -- Oliver Kay

"I think Ireland has a nicer jersey than Croatia" -- Niall Breslin

"That was a pen ref bottled it cos Ireland didn't kick ball out, which btw they don't have to" -- Matt Le Tissier

"100% english but love Ireland and the irish" -- Tubes Soccer AM

"Ireland think their economy's in trouble? Croatia are having to play in tablecloths." -- Chris Addison

"Oh the nerves of this football game, we need to keep the belief though! Come on Ireland, we can bring it back: )" Royseven

"What are you doing to me Ireland..." Ryan O'Shaughnessy

"Don't get me wrong. System has got Ireland this far. But wonder about Trap's comments on adjusting on Monday in order to take next step." -- Miguel Delaney

"Watching the Ireland match, come on Ireland" -- Siva (The Wanted)

"Time to get your green cape on ireland! #coybig" -- Liam McKenna