Family Reunion

Donor Mum: The Children I've Never Met

BBC1, 10.35pm Following the removal of donor anonymity six years ago in Britain, cameras follow Sylvia (below) as she tries to track down twins born as a result of her egg donation in 1991.

It's a long and emotional road but she finally makes contact with the children and their mother, Joan. However, that turns out to be the easy part -- how will the children and Joan react to Sylvia complicating matters all these years later?


Inside Gatwick

SKY1, 9pm It may be the world's busiest single-runway airport, but Gatwick is struggling to maintain its number one position. It's up to one man, new CEO Stewart Wingate, to implement an £800m project which it is hoped will reverse the airport's dwindling fortunes.



Channel 4, 10pm The second half of series eight of the comedy/drama begins with the funeral of Paddy Maguire -- while there's a special delivery in the coffin for Jamie.

It all gets particularly morbid when Leticia dares Aiden to take a photo of the corpse in return for a kiss.


Seven Dwarves

Channel 4, 9pm Getting his turn in the spotlight this week is 22-year-old Jamie, Britain's only dwarf drag queen. During the day he hosts bingo at a holiday home for the elderly -- while at night he transforms into his alter ego 'Miss DQ'.