Family at heart of Shane's video

Shane Filan. Photo: Steve Humphreys

Eimear Rabbitte

IT'S a family affair for former Westlife star Shane Filan's latest solo effort.

The crooner enlisted the help of his family and friends while shooting the video for his new single, Knee Deep In My Heart.

Shane's wife Gillian and his three children all feature in the music video for the single, due out on January 17.

The video was set in the English countryside and shows Shane driving past rolling hills in a vintage car before arriving at a friend's wedding.

All the while, the 34-year-old is waxing lyrical about a love who stole his heart.

Despite being set in the UK, the video is trying to channel the spirit of a traditional Irish wedding, complete with a traditional band.

Shane was joined by several members of his family and friends for the reception scenes where the wedding party continues.

His blonde wife Gillian can be seen spinning around on the dance floor wearing a pretty frock.

Meanwhile, his children, Nicole (8), Patrick (5) and Shane (3), feature prominently.

The drummer in the video is also a family friend as are several of the other participants.

After missing the wedding, Shane arrives in his fancy car before taking to the stage and performing at the wedding reception.


"I caught you out red handed knee deep in my heart," is the chorus of the song.

Other soppy lyrics are "you left your fingerprints all over my soul" and you "act so sweet, but you're guilty as charged".

The video is set in the summer time and sees Shane enjoying a few pints of Guinness with his pals before dancing the night away and singing his heart out.

Knee Deep In My Heart is the third single taken from the singer's debut album You and Me.

Shane is hoping to make a success of his solo career after emerging from bankruptcy last summer.

He and his family are currently based in the UK, but the Sligo native is adamant that his kids will have an Irish upbringing.