Families' farewell to cousins killed in Tesco murders

Conor Feehan

THE coffins bearing the bodies of the two Dublin cousins shot dead in Finglas last week were brought side by side in their local church amid scenes of grief and disbelief before their burial.

Mourners gathered as the hearses carrying the remains of Mark Noonan (23) and Glen Murphy (19) made their way towards the Church of the Holy Family in Aughrim Street yesterday.

The cousins were ambushed last Tuesday week at the Tesco Clearwater petrol station in Finglas. Both men died instantly after more than a dozen rounds from semi-automatic handguns were fired at them.

The identical coffins bearing the scenes of the Last Supper were carried the last yards to the church and then laid side-by-side before the altar.

The priest conducting requiem mass told the mourners that sometimes there are "dark and tragic mysteries we cannot explain".

Gifts brought to the altar included Mark's journal, which the priest said contained entries about cars and girls, "but mostly girls". To represent Glen, who came from O'Devaney Gardens in the north inner city, a set of poker chips and a model white car were brought to the altar.

A friend sang a self-penned song for both men, and a note was read on behalf of Mark's daughter Alexia, as well as his young brother Josh.

"My gift to you is a pair of furry boots you bought to keep my toes warm, I will always be daddy's little princess and you will always be my guardian angel. Love always, Alexia," a relative read.

"Dear Mark, my gift to you is a car. You will always be my hero, I hope someday I'll grow up big and strong and loveable like you. Love always, Josh," the second note read.

Gardai are still trying to pin down a definite motive for the shocking cold-blooded attack on the two men. Neither man was thought to be involved in any criminality that would point to a motive for their killing.

While Mr Murphy had served a short prison sentence for criminal damage, he had not been known to be involved in any serious or organised crime, and was not known to have any gangland links.

Mr Noonan, from Drumalee estate, off the North Circular Road, had parked his Toyota Avensis near the hatch at the garage shop and walked over to buy cigarettes when the shooting occurred.

The 06 D BMW used by the three gunmen was chased from the scene by gardai, but the hitmen evaded capture.

After yesterday's funeral both men were buried in Glasnevin Cemetery.