Fair City's Decco facing jail fight for his life

Laura Butler

DOCTOR'S daughter Caoimhe is getting used to different surroundings in Fair City as she visits her boyfriend Decco in jail.

The couple appear to be deep in thought as Decco Bishop realises his life is in danger behind bars.

The soap's latest storyline will see the aspiring underworld criminal fear for his life in jail, without any friends to turn to for help.

As events unfold on Tuesday, Decco will be watching over his shoulder at every turn, after being transferred to a new prison and in need of protection from the other thuggish inmates. The character, played by David O'Sullivan, could be saved by his new cellmate Eddie. A show insider told the Herald that audiences would be gripping their seats with anticipation as Decco fights to stay alive.

"It's going to be very exciting, we're looking forward to seeing the reaction."

Viewers will see Bishop brother Zumo (Patrick Fitzpatrick) look out for Decco, who gets an emergency phone call from Zumo about the murder attempt.

Paranoid and gripped by fear, Decco is then paid a visit by Caoimhe (Aoibheann McCaul) and the pair finally admit their true feelings for one another, before he returns to his cell.