Eyebrow shaving prank led to men knifing each other

A teen caught exposing his "rear end" to the public outside a Dublin hotel was arrested by gardai who feared the incident might "escalate"

By Ken Foy Crime Correspondent

Two friends stabbed each other after one man woke up at a house party to find the other shaving off his eyebrows.

The incident happened at a home in Clonshaugh, north Dublin, but no arrests have been made.

Gardai became aware of what happened after two ambulances were called to the property.

It emerged that a 22-year-old man who fell asleep at the property woke up to find his 25-year-old pal shaving off his eyebrows.

The prank sparked a violent reaction from the younger man who got a knife and stabbed his 'eye-brow shaver' in the chest.

In turn, the older man armed himself with a knife from the house and stabbed the 22-year-old who suffered non life-threatening wounds.

It is understood that the shocked female partners of the men were in the house while all this happened.

All four are from the Clonshaugh area of the capital's northside.

It is not known if other people were present in the home when the stabbings occurred on the evening of Sunday, February 8.

Sources said that there was a "huge amount of blood" and "chaotic scenes" in the house and emergency services were notified.

The two men were brought to separate hospitals for treatment for their injuries.

However, both were discharged after receiving medical treatment and are understood to be making a good recovery.

Meanwhile, gardai seized a number of knives from the house. Neither of the men live there and is understood to be occupied by one of their partners.

Sources said that it is "highly unlikely" that there will be a prosecution in the matter as gardai have not received any complaints.


The incident is being investigated by Coolock gardai and there has been no other incidents linked to the stabbings.

"This is a highly-unusual case but the serious thing about it is that it could have resulted in two fatalities - and all over a prank that went horribly wrong," a source pointed out.

"Using knives in any dispute can have very serious consequences indeed."