Expensive salt is not healthier

ONE-in-four people mistakenly believe expensive rock and sea salts are healthier than table salt.

A report published today found that the sodium chloride content of gourmet salt products is nearly 100pc, and is just as damaging to health as regular salt.

Professor Graham MacGregor, chairman of Consensus Action on Salt and Health, which carried out the research, criticised TV chefs for the liberal use of salt.

A survey revealed people buy sea and rock salt because they believe it is healthier (24pc) or more natural (39pc) than table salt.

Mum sues over botched tattoo

A MOTHER of one has been awarded damages for a botched tattoo.

Breda Murray (36, inset) sued Cristian Gherman, who trades as 13 Fat Catz in Ashgrove Mall, Finglas, Dublin, saying the arm tattoo of her daughter's name had been poorly done and misspelled.

Murray, of Ballybough Parade, Finglas East, said that in July 2009 she went to Fat Catz to get a tattoo with the name Kelsey.

She said she felt ill after the tattoo and had to take antibiotics for three months

Mr Justice Matthew Deery awarded Murray €3,000 damages, but said the fact that Kelsey's name was misspelled could not be blamed on Gherman as he had given Murray a chance to check the design before the application.

UN calls for unity in Bosnia

The UN Security Council urged Bosnia's leaders to stop their divisive rhetoric.

In a resolution extending the EU's peacekeeping force in Bosnia for another year, the council also called on the leaders to end a 13-month dispute and form a new Council of Ministers to tackle "important policies and priorities".

¤2.9m of coke in boxer's home

US federal agents in Puerto Rico have seized more than $4m (¤ 2.9m) worth of cocaine from a house owned by pro boxer Ivan Calderon.

DEA spokeswoman Laila Rico said 225kg of cocaine were found in the house.

Calderon denied any knowledge of the drugs.