Ex-boss Doherty rubbishes Cassidy's 'revolt' claim

Frank Roche

JIM McGuinness isn't the only Donegal manager taking issue with Kevin Cassidy over his controversial contribution to a new book, This Is Our Year.

Former boss and fellow Gaeltacht man John Joe Doherty has also rubbished Cassidy's claims that players were set to revolt during his tenure.

"There are plenty of things in the book that I would take issue with myself. For example there was talk about a player revolt," he pointed out. "I took it upon myself to make a couple of calls to a few senior Donegal players that are still involved in the team. They said that it was the first they'd heard of this players' revolt."

Doherty also suggested there was a "shroud of secrecy over this book from the word go" and that McGuinness wasn't aware of Cassidy's involvement, leading to his shock decision to axe the All Star defender from the Donegal panel.

As matters stand, barring a dramatic U-turn, it's hard to see Cassidy coming back and the player indicated as much in a statement released yesterday, saying: "It is with great regret that following the events of Tuesday, it appears my inter-county career is over."

However, Cassidy also hinted that retirement could have been on his agenda in any event after he was persuaded out of retirement last season, following the birth of his twin girls.