Evelyn's hospital dash with infection

Melanie Finn

RTE'S Evelyn O'Rourke had to be admitted to hospital, the Herald can reveal.

The well-known broadcaster (38) explained how she contracted the skin infection cellulitis, which is caused by bacteria, after she cut her hand while opening a tin of beans and caused her whole arm to swell up.

The mum-of-two was then rushed into hospital where she was put on some strong medication to battle the infection and revealed how she's now on the mend and was discharged after a day's treatment.

"It was a desperate thing but I was let home this morning with a big bag of antibiotics," she explained.


The Dublin presenter, who has worked with the national broadcaster for well over a decade, is now resting at home with her 2fm boss hubbie John McMahon and their two children Oisin and Ross.

No stranger to spending time in hospital, she hit the headlines in August 2010 after revealing how she was fighting a brave battle with breast cancer while five months pregnant.

She underwent treatment at St Vincent's Hospital Dublin and subsequently made a full recovery from the disease, thanking her supporters for all their good wishes.

However, she obviously hasn't forgotten all the staff who helped her through the tough time, as she recently paid tribute to leading Oncologist Dr John Crown after he appeared on the Late Late Show.

A subject still close to her heart, she wrote on her Twitter: "Thanks to Prof John Crown & his amazing colleagues at Vincent's Hospital I am well, happy & healthy & so is my baby son. Humbled."

Broadcaster Evelyn has put it all behind her and is now busy being a mum to her two young boys as well as working with RTE. She recently filled in for Colm Hayes on 2fm and also worked on the Daily Show while Claire Byrne took time off.

Speaking about her own experience, she said it was vital that women be aware of the symptoms of breast cancer and have themselves checked out immediately if they were concerned.