EU bailout backed by 51pc of voters

Cormac Murphy

A MAJORITY of voters are in favour of the bailout, a new opinion poll has revealed.

When asked whether or not they welcomed the emergency support, 51pc said they did, while only 37pc replied in the negative.

Some 12pc of the respondents did not know.

The outcome is at odds with the positions of Fine Gael, Labour and Sinn Fein, who all voted against the financial package in the Dail this week.

Despite their opposition, the memorandum of understanding on the bailout was approved by 81 votes to 75.

However, a majority of people (56pc) also believe the mammoth loan means Ireland has surrendered its sovereignty.

A third said sovereignty had not been compromised and 11pc had no opinion.

Fianna Fail voters were the most supportive of the EU/IMF financial package.

In addition, a majority of them did not believe Ireland's control of its economic affairs had been surrendered.

Fine Gael and Labour voters also backed the bailout but said sovereignty had been lost.

Sinn Fein voters strongly rejected the bailout and also believe sovereignty has been surrendered.

The poll was held on Monday and Tuesday of this week among a representative sample of 1,000 voters aged 18 and over.

It was conducted by Ipsos MRBI on behalf of the Irish Times.

A large majority of the respondents were of the opinion that the Budget was unfair.

A total of 68pc said it was unfair, while only 27pc were of the opinion that it was fair and 5pc had no opinion.


Labour's policies towards tax increases and spending cuts proved the most popular among the sample.

The party wants to see tax increases making up 50pc of the fiscal adjustment, with spending cuts accounting for the other half.

Fine Gael's approach, involving 75pc spending cuts and 25pc tax increases, was backed by 29pc, while Labour's policies received the backing of 42pc.

The opposition will be disappointed to learn that the public doesn't think they would have done a better job than the Government at handling the public finances.

Only 38pc of respondents said a Fine Gael/Labour government would have done better, while 42pc said it would not, with 20pc saying they did not know.

Today's survey results came after a previous poll this week showed support for Fianna Fail at a historic low of 17pc, with Fine Gael surging ahead on 30pc.