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Yvonne's planning to go Christmas crackers with a feast of fun at her home


 PARTNERS: Yvonne and John Conroy. Photo: Brian McEvoy

PARTNERS: Yvonne and John Conroy. Photo: Brian McEvoy

PARTNERS: Yvonne and John Conroy. Photo: Brian McEvoy

IT'LL be a holiday to remember.

Yvonne Keating is saying so long to her 'second home' the K Club this festive season.

The former model, her estranged husband Ronan and their kids have celebrated Christmas at the luxury hotel for the past ten years.

But this year, they've had enough of the five-star treatment. Instead Ronan and the extended Keating family will be heading to Chez Yvonne's for a yuletide feast full of stuffing, spuds and sherry.

"We've been going to the K Club for years and years and years. So for the first time in ten years I'm going to be in my house for Christmas making the dinner. I think it will be nice for all of us, especially the kids," she told the Diary.



"They are so used to heading down to the K Club to meet everyone there but this time everyone will be coming to them. I think they're really looking forward to it.

"And they'll get to have turkey and stuffing sandwiches on Stephen's Day but on the downside they'll also have to clean up," she laughed.

Soapy dishes and sandwiches to one side, will Ronan's Australia girlfriend Storm Uechtritz and Yvonne's other half John Conroy be attending?

"I'm not commenting on that. We haven't planned that far ahead," she said.

Martha Stewart better watch out because Yvonne intends on going all out this Crimbo.

"I'm going to go bonkers," she said. "I love all the build-up and decorating.



"I feel that in life in general – I'm grabbing the reins and getting myself together. It's nice to be in control.

"Before I went to the K Club I used to cook for 20 people, I just remember being pregnant, it was a lot of work. Lovely but a lot of work. But now I'm more relaxed in myself. Being on Masterchef definitely helped and gave me more confidence. And the pressure of doing live TV on This Morning means I'm used to the pressure and the heat in the kitchen."

Rumours are rife that Ronan may pop the question to Storm this Christmas.

"It may be something Ronan wants to do in the future and if he does that's fine," Yvonne said earlier this month.

"But I'm never going to get married again," she said. "Why would I get married again? I've been there, done that and got the T-shirt."

So while there'll be plenty of sleigh bells for Yvonne this Christmas, they'll be no wedding bells in the future.